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Worst Teams to Have Won a Super Bowl

Every team that wins the Super Bowl has achieved something amazing, but not all winners are not created equal. Some are considered the greatest in history. The Packers of the late 60s are on such a list. The 49ers of the 80s and the Steelers of the 70s also inhabit that list. This, however, is the story of the worst teams to win a Super Bowl, and four reside here. Each is a good team to be sure, but they are not among the greats in history.

#1: The Jets

The Jets led by Broadway Joe were not among the best of the league as they were huge underdogs to defeat the Colts in the Super Bowl. Joe Namath guaranteed a victory, and he delivered. The shock ran through the nation for weeks after the stunning defeat of Johnny Unitas and his Colts team. Don Shula went on to have a great career as a coach, but that victory always haunted him. The Jets surely were not deserving to be known as one of the great teams in history.

#2: The Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl the next year as they came out of nowhere with Len Dawson as quarterback. Len Dawson is widely considered to be a great player, but he is not considered one of the best quarterbacks in history. The Chiefs rarely make the playoffs even today, but they have a proud franchise that hangs its hat on a Super Bowl victory that happened long ago. No one picked them to win, but somehow they did.

#3: The Indianapolis Colts

The Super Bowl won by the Colts with Peyton Manning at quarterback was against a bad Chicago Chicago Bears team that was helmed by Rex Grossman. The Colts have the distinction of employing the first black coach to win a Super Bowl, and Tony Dungy was only the second black coach to go to the Super Bowl. His opponent in that game, Lovie Smith, is the other man on that list. The Colts were led by a powerful offense, but they relied on Bob Sanders to save them on defense. Their defense had let them down many times, and they were nearly let down again. They simply were not good enough to blow away the Bears as everyone thought they should.

#4: New England Patriots

The first Patriots Super Bowl win with a young Tom Brady came as a shock to the nation. They defeated the Greatest Show On Turf, and they won the game on a field goal kick. They have gone on to be one of the best teams in the history of the game, but their first team was not all that good. They should have lost to the Rams by quite a margin, but they held on to create what is now considered a dynasty.  They are coming off a big win against the Falcons giving them their fifth of the Brady/Belichick era.  BetFirm shows that Vegas has them favored to win it yet again in 2018 as well.

#5: How Does One Judge The Worst Team?

The idea of a bad team winning the Super Bowl is not an easy one to digest. There are no bad teams making their way through the playoffs to reach the Super Bowl. One may call the Giants that beat the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl bad teams. One may consider the 2006 Super Bowl in Pittsburgh a bad team, but these teams are not bad. They are simply the most-unlikely team to win that season. They overcame odds that no one could have imagined, and they won the biggest game in the world. Their accomplishments must be lauded for how remarkable they are in retrospect.


Biggest Comebacks in Super Bowl History

The Super Bowl is something that is highly anticipated by millions of Americans, who all want to see an amazing game take place in front of their eyes. Based on the fact that the two best teams in the National Football League tend to wind up making it to the big game, the game is typically very competitive.

However, there are some years when a team completely dominates. If you tuned into the Super Bowl this year and watched the New England Patriots get slammed by the Atlanta Falcons in the first half, you likely thought that the Falcons were going to coast to a championship. However, the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history was about to take place, as the New England Patriots fought back and eventually took the game in overtime.

After being down by twenty five points in the third quarter, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots started chipping away at the lead. After taking the team down the field for three separate touchdowns and a field goal, the Patriots tied the game. What many people thought was impossible, after looking at the screen and realizing that the Patriots would need a miracle to make a comeback, the Patriots found themselves having a coin toss for possession in overtime. As luck would have it, the Patriots also won the coin toss and wound up getting the ball first in overtime.

The rules have changed over the last several years, making it all the more important to get the ball first in overtime. This is based on the fact that if the receiving team scores a touchdown, the game is officially over. However, if the team that gets the ball first only scores a field goal, the opposing team gets the ball back for a final drive. After getting the ball, Tom Brady wound up driving straight down the field in a short period of time. The game ended with a touchdown, effectively making this Super Bowl the biggest comeback that has ever taken place.

When you consider the next biggest margins that have been overcome in a Super Bowl, they pale in comparison. The Patriots actually hold the second biggest comeback as well, which took place just two years ago. The Patriots were down ten points to the Seattle Seahawks, who many considered to be the favorite team to win the game. After scoring two touchdowns to take a four point lead over the Seahawks, Seattle got the ball back and took the ball all the way down the field. One of the things that was most shocking about this game was the fact that Seattle had four plays on the goal line to punch the ball in, yet were stopped, despite having a dynamic running back. The New England Patriots held on again, after a thrilling comeback victory.

The New Orleans Saints had an exciting comeback as well, as they wound up beating the Indianapolis Colts in 2010, after being down by ten points in the game. Perhaps the biggest turnaround in a Super Bowl happened after the Denver Broncos took a ten point lead over the Washington Redskins. The year was 1987 and after finding themselves down by ten early in the game, the Redskins opened up the game and completely shut down the Broncos. The Redskins went on to score six touchdowns and truly embarrassed the Denver Broncos.

Most of the time when two powerhouse teams make it to the big game, it ends up being a closely contested battle. However, Tom Brady and the Patriots truly took things to a new level this year, as they came back from incredible odds. Chances are, the game will go down as one of the most impressive comebacks in history.