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Cities that Should Host a Super Bowl

The honor of hosting the Super Bowl is fought for every year by cities who believe themselves deserving. They present reports to the hosting committee, and the city makes a pitch that would flatter anyone. This is a story about six cities that are ready to host the big game. They may not be cities that have NFL franchises today, but they are cities that must be allowed to showcase how they will host the world for its best game.

#1: Las Vegas

Las Vegas is quite deserving of a Super Bowl because the city knows how to host a party. Sin City is the place where a guest may have anything they want, and the guests who stay in the city for the Super Bowl will be more than entertained. This place is not yet considered kosher by many NFL owners, but the time will come when Las Vegas as a Super Bowl host will happen. It is only a matter of time before the NFL cools its stances on organized gambling.

#2: San Antonio

San Antonio may not seem like the obvious choice for a Super Bowl, but the Alamodome is a large stadium that will host the game well. The Super Bowl may well be a reason to upgrade the stadium, and the city hosts a fine party every year. The Riverwalk is one of the nicest party locations in America, and it offers fine food on both sides. The visitors will hear live music, have fantastic drinks and the city will welcome everyone with open arms. It is quite simple to see why San Antonio would host a lovely Super Bowl, and the city must continue to apply for status as a Super Bowl host.

#3: Los Angeles

The new stadium that is to be built for the Rams will be an amazing stadium for the Super Bowl, and the city of Los Angeles will come out for the event. The city has been starved for football for years, and upgrading from the old LA Coliseum will help improve the beauty of the game. The weather in Los Angeles is lovely all year, and the game will host visitors who want to see Los Angeles for the first time. The newness of it all in LA will make the game special when it finally arrives.

#4: San Diego

San Diego must host the Super Bowl because of its amazing weather. The city has almost no rain all year, and the ocean breeze blows into the city at all times. There is not a person who goes to San Diego and leaves disappointed. The city will have ample reason to upgrade its stadium, and the Chargers will have a much better place to play.

#5: Honorable Mention

Atlanta and Chicago must enter this list because they are lovely cities with the facilities and passion for football. Holding the Super Bowl at Soldier Field will be a sight because the stadium has so much history. The new stadium in Atlanta is the next in line to get a Super Bowl game, and the visitor to both cities will see a city open to every new possibility.

The cities listed in this article are not the only cities that may host a Super Bowl, but they are the cities that are most-deserving. They have been without a Super Bowl for some time, and cities like Las Vegas are waiting for their first glimpse of professional football. A Super Bowl in town would bring the world to the city where they will see the market for football is strong.